Drilling News - Week 20

Oil & Gas Insider 19/05/2016

This week, Oil prices managing to hold on to recent gains, just!... Read more.

Drilling News - Week 19

Who's Drilling 13/05/2016

This week, STRICKLAND-2: Onshore exploration drilling underway again... Read more.

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Oil & Gas Insider is an in-depth and up-to-date news report, with a focus on the companies making the headlines.


Who’s Drilling provides comprehensive coverage of current and upcoming exploration in the Australasian region.


Drilling Report is a two-page snap shot of key information to be published in the current week’s Who’s Drilling.


APAC Offshore is a bi-weekly detail focussed report on all the movements offshore in the Asia Pacific waters.


Pex Encore is an online Oil & Gas well exploration and production location mapping tool, utilising Google Maps.


Quarterly Report Analysis is an online resource into more than 110 ASX-listed oil & gas companies performances.


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